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Leveling 1-10 In Last Chaos

This is just a basics of going from level 1 - 10 in ,which I took from the other website.

The game has changed where you NEED to sp farm. Every time you kill a monster you get experience points (xp) and skill experience points (sp). Now if you go to the Velpist Temple in Randol, you get more xp and sp then killing outside. And of course, everyone wants to try to level faster too. When you start to sp farm there is one thing you can do. Try to get a guardian that can power level the character you want to level 20 so you can get the class event weapon for yourself. It hits like a level 29 weapon. You get weapons to get for smelts and then upgrade your event weapon to +3. Then you get the same class character to be leveled to level 17 by your Guardian, friend, or yourself. Then you will sp farm at level 17 killing ghouls in the Prokion Temple in Dratan. You will have to join a level 6 or above guild to lock your sp. Then you are set. Ooops, forgot. If you get power leveled to 17, then get your xp locked right away. Then you will have to go and all the quests you can. These quests are the ones for mining, cutting herbs, and so on. You need these skills. Once you have done them then go start sp farming. Read the sections on sp farming now.

Be sure to always have a scroll of memorization and scroll of recall with you When you get the gold. For example, when you get to the entrance of the Velpist Temple, you might want to save the spot. Then when you ever log on, you can teleport to the spot from town and not have to make the long journey there. The scroll of recall will get you to town from wherever you are. This scroll of recall is useful, especially when you get in a Temple and are lost. Just use the Scroll and you will be recalled back to town now.

Around level 6, depending on your armor and weapon plus, you can go to the Velpist Temple and kill Level 10 Wandering Zombies. As always, do this in solo party mode. You get more xp and sp from killing the Zombies, then you would killing any monsters outside the Temple. The Prokion Temple starts with the Level 17 mummies now. Killing the zombie in the Velpist Temple when you and the monster are at the same level, Level 10, you will get 3300 sp. But at about level 5 or 6 you can start early now killing the level 10 zombies. Do your quests then back to the Temple. Yes, if it is a pet trainer you are making, you still need the quests to cut leaves and mine. You have to be able to feed your pet now. But for NEWBIES, do all the quests. Then with experience you can know which ones are not worth doing. You see some offer xp and gold. But with the 5500 sp and high xp you get in the prokion temple, some quests are not worth it, in my opinion now. But then when you get bored those quests are there for you to do.


Note:O nce you get to the Prokion Temple site, then the FIRST you do is to put it in your memory scroll.

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Last Chaos:Party

This guide is from the other website,and it's not my work.

1)EQUAL PARTY: Everyone shares in the xp and drops in this party. Any levels can join this party. Now there is a catch to this too. I think if there is either a 10 or 15 level difference then the lower level will not get much points. The game works it like this so a level 90 player could not power level a level 10 player.

The level 10 player would actually get more points if he was not in the party. But if the player is like 10 levels above, you can share decent points. The points are equal ONLY when both players are equal in level. Then for every level drop there is a slot drop in the sharing now. If no parties or members are available, then I suggest to register on an equal party now.

2)COMBAT PARTY: You get xp and sp from your kills in this party. They are slightly less then if you were in a solo party. But if the other person makes a kill, you get a slight percentage of xp and sp from the other person's kill. It is roughly 25% more, if you are both killing at the same rate.

The level difference is 10 levels. I had been told it was 15, but as always I tested it out and it is a 10 level difference from the lowest player to the highest player.

3)Precedence PARTY: Keep any drops you get and the rest is like Equal party. This is useful like durin Tuesday's Monster Spawn. That one one person can buff the group, but when the treasures drop, each person keeps whatever he picks up. The first time they had a treasure hunt and I had formed an equal party.

I know how to pick up and after I was wondering where all my hs went. LOL Then i realized what I had done. I lost like maybe 6 hs, but I learned. I told the others, but did not want any hs back.

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Last Chaos: Upgrading Stones

In , weapons and armors can be "plussed" using a choice or mix of different stones/items.Here is an instruction on the upgrading stones,which selected from the other website.Hope it helps you.

Heaven Stones:  Book of Meld/Item Mall Upgrades

Smelting Stones:  Platinum Refining Stones/Extreme Stone

Lucky Smelting Stones:   Bonus Book of Meld/Chaos Smelting Stone

Event Upgrades:   Blood Seals
Platinum Refining Stones Bonus Book of Meld Blood Seals Buying Items
Item Mall Upgrades Extreme Stone Chaos Smelting Stone

Note:Chaos Smelting Stones:
Remember the "Lucky Smelting Stone" gurantees you an upgrade up to +6. Well the Chaos Smelting Stones will guarantee an upgrade up to +12. You get the Chaos Smelting Stones, CSS, from Chaos Balls. You can buy either on the Item Mall. As of October 08, CSS were selling for like 20 million. That means prices will slowly go up more over time.

After reading,if you need or ,the Mmooffers will offer you.


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Some Tips For Pet Training In Last Chaos

First off,This article is selected from the other website which edited by 5finggers.It's not my work,and I put it here just to help some guys.

1. You will have a main character that you will fight and level with.

2. You make a 2d character to be your pet trainer. Now here is the catch. I suggest to get him to like level 28 to get the most AFK (Away From Keyboard) time. This means that you can get the most time away from the computer before you have to feed your pet. You have to constantly feed your pet, but the max time is around 8 hours. The pet starves and he does not get any pet xp. The 2d catch is that you will get sp from the character and you use it to get a crafting skill. I would suggest to get the Armor making skills maxed first. Then the extra sp, you will have to figure out how much you have and if you can get another crafting skill, if possible.

3. This is tricky now. I went and got a 3d character and made him a level 20 pet trainer. Then when the pet reaches level 23 or 24 then hand him off to the other pet trainer. You have to know someone that you can trust to help you change pets over. That is one good reason to join a guild for.

4. I made mine a knight and he is at level 12 FOREVER, sp farming on the sasquatches till he gets ALL the crafting skills maxed. Now the skills for mining, cutting herbs , and collecting energy are not made cuz after you get high level, you will buy the tool aids to get the leaves, stones, or energy if you needed them.

5. Then you could make a 2d account and just have that one for pet training and getting your skills. Then it would leave your primary account to play with the other 3 characters if you wanted to.

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Mage Skills(1-25) in Last Chaos

This is just a basics of Mage skills from level 1 - 25 in ,which I took from the other website.

1)Energy Bolt
63 Skill Points to max.
Must be level 1 to learn this skill.
A basic, quick attack.

2)Energy Field
65 Skill Points to max
Must be level 5 and have Level 1 Energy Bolt to learn.
Personal Dungeon Skill. Only usable inside the Personal Dungeon.

3)Energy Cutter
97 Skill Points to max
Must be level 10 and have Level 1 Energy Field to learn.
Does more damage than Energy Bolt, but takes 1.5times longer to cast and recharge.

4)Flame Storm
130 Skill Points to max
Must be level 15 to learn Level 1, 20 to learn Level 2, 25 to Learn level 3, and 30 to learn Level 4.
An Area of Effect Skill, able to hit up to 6 targets at once.

130 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 15 and have Level 1 Energy Cutter to learn.
Lowers the movement speed of the target by up to 50%.

130 Skill Points to learn
Must be level 15 and have Level 1 Amplification to learn
Reduces the attack speed of the target by up to 75%

7)Mana Recovery
50 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 15 to learn.
Restores 6 Mana Points per second

8)Chakra Shield
130 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 15 and have Level 1 Curse to learn.
Increases the movement speed of the selected target. At Level 5 it grants the same speed as a Potion of Haste.

9)Arch Enemy
163 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 20 and have Level 1 Curse to learn
A strong attack that works best with a staff. Still useable with a wand.

162 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 20 to learn.
Increases the cast time of skills. (Whether or not it does increase the refresh time of the skill is unverified).

163 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 20 and have Level 1 Sloth to learn.
Converts Health Points into Mana Points. At level 5 it takes 200 HP and changes it into 300 MP.

196 Skill Points to max
Must be Level 25 and have Level 1 Anti-Magic to learn.
Increases attack speed by 15% at Level 5

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